Voucher codes can be generated in Ticket Tailor, in order to create discount vouchers for your ticket buyers to use.

If you are looking for how to add other types of promotional codes to Ticket Tailor, see this article to learn how to create discount codes.

To create a voucher code:

1) From ‘Promote’ > ‘Promo codes’ click on the ‘voucher codes’ tab.

2) Next, click the create a batch of voucher codes button:

3) Name the voucher with the name that the buyer will see on redemption, and set the value of the voucher.

4) In the ‘voucher codes’ textbox, enter from 1 up to 1000 unique voucher codes. Each voucher code can be redeemed just once, and you must paste one voucher code per line.

💡 To help to generate unique voucher codes, try a website like voucherify.io.

5) Chose if you want your vouchers to be partially redeemable by ticking the checkbox, or leaving it blank.

💡 For example, if a voucher is worth $50, and is used against an order worth $30, the voucher will have a remaining value of $20. If checked, the voucher can be used against other orders in the future. If you leave this unchecked then voucher codes will only be redeemable once and the customer will lose any remaining value. You can not edit this setting later.

6) In the next box, you can set an expiration date for your voucher. The voucher cannot be redeemed after this date.

7) Using the checkboxes, select which events you want your vouchers to apply to.

Some tips for voucher code redemption:

  • When you have created at least one voucher code, a box saying ‘enter promo code’ will automatically appear on the checkout form for all of your applicable events.

  • Once created, a ticket buyer can redeem a voucher once, (even if the total price of the ticket is less than the value of the voucher).

  • Multiple voucher codes can be used in the same order.

  • Once a voucher code has been used, it will be crossed out of the batch on the voucher page.

  • You can see which ticket buyer has used a voucher, as it will show against their order, on the ‘orders’ page.

  • You can include voucher code information in your line item report, when you export your order information.

  • If a voucher code is redeemed against the entire price of the ticket value, the ticket is still regarded as "sold", and will incur a service fee.

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