Our pricing is simple, with no contracts. You only pay for what you use; if your tickets are free, so are we!


We use 'credits' to track your chargeable usage. For example, if you sell one Β£10 ticket, you would be charged one credit.

You can pay for credits in one of two ways:

  • Pay as you go: you will be charged every time a credit is used on your box office

  • Pre pay: purchase credits in advance and unlock significant savings.

The price you pay per credit can be found on your billing page.

More top tips:

Chargeable use

This is how many credits will be charged for different features.


Credits charged

More info

1 x Free ticket issued


Free tickets are free

1 x Donation taken


It's free to accept donations

1 x Paid ticket sold


If you sell 2 x tickets which cost Β£10 each, you will be charged 2 credits

1 x Seated ticket reservation


  • If you sell 1 x seated ticket which costs Β£10 you will be charged a total of 2 credits. (One credit for the reservation, and one for the ticket sale).

  • If you issue 1 x seated ticket which is free, you will be charged 1 credit for the reservation.

1 x Ticket issued via API


All tickets issued via API will be charged 1 credit, regardless of the ticket value.

1 x Product sale


If you have an order where you sell:
1 x Β£10 ticket
1 x T-shirt

You will be charged a total of 2 credits.

5 x Imported tickets


You will be charged 1 credit for up to 5 imported tickets, regardless of the value of the imported ticket.

If you import 5 free tickets, you will be charged 1 credit.

White label

We allow you to remove the Ticket Tailor logo from your checkout experience. If you would like to White label your box office, this is billed separately to your credit usage.

White label is charged at the following rates:

  • GBP: Β£39 per month

  • USD: $49 per month

  • AUD: $69 per month

  • EUR: €45 per month

  • CAD: $69 per month

VAT is charged where applicable.

Custom domains

Custom domains are included in White label. If you want to use a custom domain without the White label experience it will cost:

  • GBP: Β£7 per month

  • USD: $8 per month

  • AUD: $12 per month

  • EUR: €8 per month

  • CAD: $10 per month

Promo codes and vouchers

  • If a promo code is spent which reduces the ticket price to 0, you will not be charged a credit.

  • If a voucher code is used as part of an order, you will be charged a credit for all tickets and products in the order, even if the order value has been reduced to 0.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Learn how to issue complimentary tickets with no charges.

Refunds and transfers

  • If you refund or cancel a ticket, you won't be refunded any ticket credits to your account, as our service has still been used.

  • If you transfer an order, you will not be charged an additional credit.

  • If you refund an order to a voucher, and the voucher is used to make a new booking, you will not be charged an additional credit, as long as the booking does not include any extra tickets or products.

Payment methods

Online payment accounts (Stripe and PayPal)

Online payment accounts will charge their own fees.

Offline payment methods

You may or may not be charged anything on top of our fees, depending on the offline payment method you've set up. It's best to check directly with your Offline account.

Operator payment

You will be charged a credit for any action outlined above when using Operator payment methods.


  • Creating and issuing memberships is free

  • Tickets bought using membership discount will incur usual fees

  • Selling a membership type as a product will incur the usual fees for product sales

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