How to sell Products

Sell merchandise or non-ticket Products in your box office to add to your attendee's experience

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When you're running loads of successful events, you might want to sell more than just tickets. Why? To create unmissable experiences and boost revenue. You can use Products to upsell merch or extra products, as well as your tickets. So whether it’s pre-show programmes, interval ice creams or that festival T-shirt that everybody wants, you can offer the ideal options for your attendees with ease.

How to create Products. πŸ•š 41s watch

How to sell Products

  1. Click the 'Products' tab in the purple menu bar.

  2. Click the button that says 'Add new Products'.

  3. Enter the details about your Products.

    • Ensure that the quantity = your total amount of Products to sell.

    • Products can only be sold in the same currency as your events. If you are selling tickets in multiple currencies, you may need to create the same type of product a few times with different currencies. How do I change my event currency?

  4. Under the 'Fulfillment' dropdown, you have a few options:

    • 'Issue a QR code for collection' - chose this option if you are upselling a product with an event, and you would like to scan a QR code in exchange for the product.

    • 'Issue a membership' - chose this option to sell a membership type.

    • 'Other' - chose this option and use the 'Description' box to explain other ways people can redeem this product. e.g. "Pre-ordered drinks will be available next to the bar during the interval".

  5. Select which events you would like to offer this product to and if you would like to sell this product in your Store.

  6. Click 'Create Products' and your product will now be available for your ticket buyers to purchase.

A screenshot of the 'add product' modal

πŸ’‘ Products you create can be available for any event you are running in your Ticket Tailor box office. You can choose to sell them for all, some or just one event.

For example, if you are running a series of different calligraphy workshops and have 50 calligraphy sets to sell in your storeroom, you will enter 50. Ticket buyers for any of the events you select to sell this Product will be able to buy your calligraphy sets until you have sold 50 in total.

πŸ’‘ Every Product sold costs 1 credit or your normal Pay as you go price. If your Products are free, so are we.

For example, if a customer buys 2 tickets and 2 paid Products, you will be charged 4 credits.

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