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Create a members only discount, season pass and more with Memberships

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Selling memberships can be a great way to boost revenue and create a more engaged community around your events. With memberships, you can give attendees access to exclusive perks. From offering discounts on tickets, to scanning season passes at the door, to allowing entry to three shows per year, we've designed memberships to be adaptable and flexible for all of your ticket-selling needs!

Quick start membership checklist:

Create your memberships

⏰ 1m 13s watch:

  • Head to the 'Memberships' tab.

  • Click 'Add new membership type'.

  • Enter the conditions for your membership in the form.

  • Click 'Save membership type'.

💡 You can create as many membership types as you like!

Issue your memberships

Sell memberships via Ticket Tailor

1m 55s watch:

  • Click 'Memberships' from the purple navigation bar, and then click on the membership type you would like to sell.

  • Click the button called 'Add new linked product'.

  • Under the dropdown called 'Fulfillment' select 'Issue a membership'.

    • This fulfilment will automatically issue a membership when someone buys this product from your store or your events.

    • Your membership product will appear in your list of products.

💡 You can also create a linked product from the 'Products' tab.

Add existing members

56s watch:

  • From the 'Memberships' tab click on the name of the membership type you want to issue.

  • Click the button 'Issue a membership'.

  • Enter the name and email of your member.

💡 You can change the validity of individual memberships by unchecking the checkbox 'Use default "your membership type" limits and validity'.

Redeem your memberships

Scan a membership with the check-in app

20s watch:

  • Set up the Check-in app ready to scan your tickets.

  • Scan a membership QR code as normal, and click 'redeem' to check in your member at the door.

  • Membership QR codes can be scanned regardless of the event or occurrence you've downloaded.

  • Once scanned, you’ll see your membership details on the check-in app, including any additional conditions you entered in the ‘description’.

  • You’ll also see a list of all the previous redemptions for the membership you’ve scanned.

  • You will see a list of downloaded events. You can then choose the event or occurrence and click on it to redeem the membership against that event.

  • Valid memberships will appear green and invalid memberships will be red, so your door staff can easily control membership access to events!

💡 The check-in app will need to be connected to WiFi to scan membership QR codes. (Members-only tickets can be checked in offline as normal).

Give member-only access to tickets

1m 30s watch:

  • To offer member-only access to tickets, create an event.

  • Create a members-only ticket type, and click the 'Advanced settings' checkbox.

  • Under the 'Status' dropdown you select 'Members only'.

  • Now your members will need to add their membership code at checkout to reveal these tickets!

💡 If you can't see the 'Members only' status, you need to create your membership.

💡 You can create members-only bundles this way too!

Offer an exclusive members' discount

1m 22s watch:

  • Create a discount code.

  • Under the heading 'How to activate this discount?' select 'by being a member'.

  • Select the membership type eligible for this discount.

  • Continue to create your discount and assign it to your ticket types.

💡 This is a great way to offer free tickets to your members!

Do it your way

  • When creating your membership, you can enter a description. This can outline any custom redemption instructions you can dream of!

Manage your memberships

Edit an issued membership

  • Click in to the 'Memberships' tab and open your membership type to see your members list.

  • Click on the three dots next to the name of the member you want to update.

  • You will see options to override the standard membership details for that user.

💡 You can edit an issued membership after a membership has been issued or redeemed.

Edit a membership type

  • Click in to the 'Memberships' tab.

  • Click on the three dots next to the name of the Membership type you want to update.

  • You will see the options to edit or delete your membership type.

💡 If I edit a membership type it will not update existing issued memberships. These need to be edited individually using the instructions above ("Edit an issued membership").

How will I be charged for memberships?

  • Creating and issuing memberships is free

  • Tickets bought using membership discount will incur usual fees

  • Selling memberships as a product will incur usual fees

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