Running an online event with Ticket Tailor is really easy and this guide will show you how. We also have a guide on how to use Zoom with Ticket Tailor.

1) Set up your event

When creating your event, tick the box that says 'This is an online event' as shown below:

2) Update your order confirmation email

When a ticket is bought, Ticket Tailor sends out an order confirmation email. You can use this email to provide ticket buyers with the joining instructions.

From the event in Ticket Tailor click 'Order confirmation' from the side navigation.

You can update the order confirmation to say whatever you would like, but as a minimum we suggest (a) removing the ticket vouchers as these aren't needed for online events, (b) updating the language of the email to make it relevant for your online event, and (c) adding the joining instructions so that ticket buyers have that ready to go.

3) Send a reminder before the event starts

You might also like to send out an email reminder with the joining instructions just before the event begins which you can do using our Broadcast feature.

That's all there is to it.

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