How to edit your Event confirmation email

Tickets or online event links are sent to attendees in this email. You can also add anything they need to know about going to your events.

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This help article is about a new email template released on June 15th 2023. If you created your box office before then, please see: How to edit your order confirmation email.

You can customise the 'Event confirmation email' an attendee receives when they are sent a ticket for your event. This is useful if you want to provide extra information, such as directions to the event, or a refund policy, or if you want attendees to bring photo ID to the event.

Editing your event confirmation email for all of your events

If all of the events you create are going to require the same confirmation email, follow these steps:

  • From the 'Box office settings' section of your dashboard, choose 'Confirmation emails' from the side menu.

  • In the box called 'Event confirmation email', select 'Edit'.

    • You'll automatically see the event editor for 'in-person' events. If you're running an online event, use the dropdown to change the template for 'Online events'.

  • Here you can edit your event confirmation email as you would when editing an email. Use the formatting buttons to bold or italicise certain parts of the text, insert images, and turn text into links.

  • Use the people icon to add 'Placeholders'. These can be used to automatically place some attendee details, or event details, into the event confirmation email. Click the 'Placeholders' button and choose the field from the drop-down menu.

  • When you’re done, click the button marked 'Save'.

Editing your event confirmation email for a specific event

Modifying the event confirmation email under 'Box office settings' will affect the emails for all of your events. To edit event-specific confirmations follow these steps:

  • Go to the 'Events' section of your dashboard, and find the event you want to edit. Click on it to open it.

  • Next, choose 'Event confirmation' from the side menu.

  • Click the button marked 'Event specific order confirmation' and edit as above.

What is the difference between an event confirmation email and an order confirmation email?

An Event confirmation email contains the tickets or online event link for attendees of your event. An event confirmation email is sent automatically every time someone buys a ticket or registers for an event in your box office.

Event confirmation emails can also be sent to imported attendees.

An Order confirmation email is sent every time someone places an order in your box office. This includes:

  • Buying a ticket or registering for a free event in your box office.

  • Ordering a Product from your Store.

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