How to enable PayPal Pay Later

Enable buy now pay later payments via PayPal to accept deposits and split payments

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PayPal offers a handy 'Pay Later' option to make ticket payments much easier for your ticket buyers, who can choose to pay you in full, or split the payment into instalments. Even better you get the entire payment straight away, and PayPal deals with the rest.
This is a great way to offer deposits and help your customers attend the events they love!

πŸ’‘ PayPal offers Pay Later at no additional cost. What are PayPal fees?

How to enable PayPal Pay Later

  • Go to 'Box office settings', then 'Payment systems'.

  • Under 'Online payments' you should see your linked PayPal account. Click on the three-dot menu to open PayPal settings.

  • Click edit.

  • Tick the box that says 'Enable Buy now, Pay Later' and click 'Save'.

That's it! PayPal is now set up for your customers to pay in instalments!

πŸ’‘ If you're eligible to accept 'Pay Later' payments, this will be automatically enabled when you connect PayPal to Ticket Tailor. PayPal offers Pay Later in most countries, but some are excluded. Double-check your account to see if you're eligible.


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