Quick getting started checklist:

Sign up

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Sign up for a ticket tailor account, by following the on-screen instructions on Ticket Tailor.

Add a new event

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Click ‘add a new event’ to create the details of your event.

You can create a one-off event, a recurring event, or an event with a seating plan.

Add the ticket types that you want to sell.

Set up Stripe / PayPal account

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Choose which payment provider you want to use to get your ticket money. Once you’re set-up, connect your Stripe or Paypal account to Ticket Tailor by going to ‘settings’ > ‘payment systems’.

Customise your event pages

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Load the Design Studio from the ‘Settings’ > ‘Event page design’ section of your dashboard, to style your virtual box office.

Make your event active

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Publish your event, and share it with your ticket buyers, using a link or by adding a widget to your website.

Now sit back, relax and watch your ticket sales roll in!

(If you would like some more detailed help, email hi@tickettailor.com, or user the chat function from your account).

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