How to manage Ticket Types and Groups
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Ticket types enable you to sell different kinds of tickets to your event, setting individual prices and quantities - for example Adult or Child ticket levels.

Ticket groups can be used as headings to keep your tickets organised, or as a way of selling similar ticket types at different times or for different sub-events.

You can also group ticket types together in order to limit their total capacity. This allows you to restrict the capacity of your event without having to know the split between your ticket types ahead of time.

You can also group ticket types together and limit the minimum and maximum allowed per order, to limit group sizes.

  1. From the 'Events' section of your dashboard, find your event and choose 'Edit event and tickets' from the side menu.

  2. Under the Create tickets heading, you’ll see options to 'Add a new ticket type' and 'Add a new ticket group'.

  3. Clicking the purple 'Add a new ticket type' button enables you to set a 'Ticket name', the 'Quantity' available, and the 'Price' for your ticket type. Under the advanced settings, you’re able to specify a more detailed 'Description' of the ticket type, add an optional Booking fee (a per-ticket fee on top of the face value of the ticket), and the minimum and maximum tickets an attendee can buy per order. Examples of 'Ticket types' might include Adult, Child, VIP, Early Bird or any other distinct type you want to sell.

  4. Clicking the white “Add a new ticket group” button lets you set a title for your group of tickets, as well an option to set the maximum quantity of tickets that can be sold from that group. You can also set a 'Minimum allowed per order' and/or 'Maximum allowed per order' to enforce a certain number of tickets to be purchased. When you’re done setting your group up, click the orange 'Save ticket group' button.

Things to note:

  • You can edit or delete a ticket type or group at any time by clicking on the group name or the ticket name from the list on the Event summary page.

  • You can add bundles to a group as long as the group is not also being used to limit the capacity of tickets per order. It's not possible to add a bundle to a group with 'max quantity'/'min per order'/'max per order' limits.

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