How to embed a box office widget on your website

By using Ticket Tailor to embed a box office on your site, your customers can buy tickets and register for events all on your own website.

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You can create a widget that lets customers purchase tickets on your website without having to visit your box office page. This tutorial will show you how to embed a Ticket Tailor box office widget on your website. 

  1. From the 'Promote' section of your dashboard, choose 'Website embed codes' from the side menu.

  2. Click the link marked 'Edit widget options' to change how the widget looks.

  3. If you only want to embed specific events, add a common name in the title of your events into the box labelled 'Keyword filter'.

  4. Use the other settings to choose whether the background should be filled or transparent and whether to show the header and event info, and to add your custom tracking reference,

  5. When you’re done editing, click the “Update widget” button to see a preview of how your widget will now look. 

  6. Under the 'Directions' heading, use the drop-down menu to choose whether you’ll be embedding your widget in an HTML or WordPress website. Copy and paste the generated code into your website on the page you want the box office to appear.

An example widget being added to a Squarespace website:

💡 Things to note:

  • The Ticket Tailor widget is responsive, meaning that it will fill the width of whatever space you put it into (up to about 800px wide).

  • If you find the borders of the widget go out of range, click Edit widget options again and change the background to transparent.

  • If you are more experienced using HTML, you can customise the size and event shown in your widget by manipulating the code.

  • Due to cookie restrictions on some browsers, the widget may open in a new window to successfully complete an order. To avoid this, add a custom domain to your box office (paid feature).

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