How to set up a ticket bundle

Use ticket bundles to sell a combination of ticket types at a specific price, e.g. for selling family tickets.

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Ticket bundles allow you to combine your available tickets and/or products together, in order to offer special pricing, e.g. selling an adult and child ticket together for a discounted ‘family pass’ ticket price, or a ticket to an event that includes food or drink options.

A Gif of a £20 ticket bundle being set up. The bundle is being named "family ticket" and it is having 2 adult and 2 child tickets added to it

To set up a ticket bundle:

  1. Go to your event and choose ‘Edit event and tickets’.

  2. Create any ticket types you wish to include in your ticket bundle.

  3. Click the button ‘Add a new bundle’

  4. Fill in the customer-facing details for your bundle.

    1. Bundle name: We recommend a simple name for this group of tickets, like ‘Family pass’ or ‘Group of 10’.

    2. Bundle price: The total amount the ticket buyer will pay for all of the tickets in the bundle.

    3. Description: A description of what the bundle includes or any other information that will help your ticket buyer understand what the bundle price includes.

  5. Choose which of your ticket types to include in the bundle.

  6. If you want to set a booking fee or a minimum and maximum order for your bundles, expand the advanced settings.

  7. Click the ‘Save bundle’ button and you’re done! The ticket bundle will show on your event checkout.

💡 Here are a few things you should know about ticket bundles:

  • A bundle is only available if the tickets within it are also available - if the ‘Adult’ tickets are sold out in the above example, the bundle will show as sold out as well.

  • Marking a ticket type as ‘hidden’ will not stop it from being sold as part of a bundle.

    • This is a neat feature that allows you to create hidden ticket types that are only purchasable as part of a bundle.

  • If a ticket type in a bundle is marked as ‘display as sold out’ or ‘display as unavailable’ the bundle will also appear ‘sold out’ or ‘unavailable’.

  • In reports, the bundle item will appear as the ‘revenue’. The included ticket will appear in the report with a value of 0 (as they’ve been paid for by the bundle).

  • You can't apply discount codes to bundles.

  • You can override bundle pricing.

  • In orders, you can tell a ticket was purchased as part of a bundle as the bundle name will appear next to it:

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