You can track where your sales come from with referral tags. You can create these tags for your different marketing channels - for example Facebook, Twitter, or your own website - and see which are driving the most sales. You can also give your ticket reps and affiliates their own unique links and reward them based on how well they sell. This tutorial will show you how to create referral and affiliate links for all your events.

  1. From the Promote section of your dashboard, choose Buttons and links from the side menu.
  2. Under the Create buttons and links heading, follow the link marked Add a referral tag.
  3. From the Event drop-down menu, choose an individual event or select All events to have your referral tag link to your box office. 
  4. In the Referral tag text box, enter any unique series of letters and numbers. Click the orange Update button and copy the generated Web Link. This can then be used anywhere you market your tickets in order to track how buyers arrived at your event or box office.
  5. You can also create buttons to embed on your website. Simply copy and paste the code next to the button you want to use, under the HTML Buttons heading.

Things to note:

  • Any paid affiliates using the code you provide will not be paid automatically - this will have to be done separately. 
  • You can track referral sales from the Event summary page. From the Events section of your dashboard, find the event and look under the Referral sales summary heading.
  • Note that when a referral tag has been created, it cannot be removed. 
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