How do ticket fees work?

Purchase Pre pay credits upfront (1 credit = 1 ticket sale), or opt for PAYG.

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We offer two pricing options:

  • The Pay as you go plan which incurs a small fee for every ticket sold.

  • A Pre pay option which allows you to pay upfront for ticket credits and gives you access to significant discounts compared to Pay as you go.

How Ticket Tailor fees are collected:


  • If you are taking payments via Stripe, then your PAYG fee will be collected automatically at the point of sale.

  • If you are using PayPal, Square or Offline payments to collect payments we will collect payment from your card at the end of your billing cycle.

Pre Pay

  • If you pay via the Pre pay option then payment is taken upfront via credit/debit card.

  • You will have the option to auto-renew monthly, when ticket credit is low (25 tickets or less remaining) or purchase on a one-off basis.

See our Pre pay options on the pricing page.

Pay as you go billing cycles

If you are on the Pay as you go plan or your ticket credits have run out then you will automatically be charged a small fee for each ticket sale.

How PAYG fees are billed:

You will be charged as soon as you meet one of the below conditions:

  • On a monthly cycle

  • Every 50 units of chargable usage (e.g. after 50 ticket sales)

  • 2 days after an event ends, if you have no more upcoming events

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