Your Ticket Tailor box office is where all of your organisation’s events will be listed. You can change the background colours and add images to match your existing branding or look nicer on your web page. This tutorial will show you how to change how your box office looks.

  1. From the Box office setup section of your dashboard, choose Customisation from the side menu. 
  2. You can select from a list of theme colours by using the drop-down Theme menu, or pick your own by clicking the coloured squares under Theme colours. Hex codes can also be written directly into each box (starting with #). A colour picker for this purpose is available here.
  3. You can add a header image for your box office using the Box office header image uploader. The ideal dimensions are  760px (w) x 160px (h).
  4. Click the orange button marked “Save”. You’ll be able to see a preview of your changes in the Preview of example event box below. You can also follow your “” link at the top of the page to see how it will look to your buyers.

Things to note:

  • Changes to the design of your box office will affect all your events. To add an event-specific image, please see the tutorial How to Create an Event.
  • Changes made to colours and header images in the box office will also be applied to ticket widgets for individual events. You can learn more about embedding ticket widgets in the tutorial How to Embed a Box Office Widget on Your Website.
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