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The standard Ticket Tailor checkout form gathers basic information about your attendees, but you may wish to ask further questions when your ticket buyer places their order. This tutorial will show you how to customise the checkout form for all your events.

How to edit your checkout form for all of your events

  1. From the 'Box office settings' section of your dashboard, choose 'Checkout form' from the side menu.

  2. Here you can edit the compulsory Buyer only questions (those showing a red *) using the pencil icon. With most of the standard questions, you can only edit the label, but in the case of the Address question, you can choose between UK, US, and Canadian addressing styles (so ‘zip code’ vs ‘postcode’, for example). 

  3. You can also delete questions (with the exception of Name and Email) using the trash can icon, and reorder the questions by clicking and dragging the directional-arrow icon.

  4. To add a new question click either the purple button marked 'Add a buyer only question' or 'Add an attendee question'.

    💡 'Buyer only' questions will be asked once, whereas attendee questions will be asked per ticket, which is useful when you need an answer from every attendee (for example dietary requirements).

  5. Here you can choose the type of question you want to ask - for example, a single line of text, an answer from a drop-down list of options, radio buttons or checkboxes. You can also choose whether or not the question should be compulsory.

  6. When you’re done, click the 'Save custom question button'.

💡 Answers to questions will appear in your doorlist and on your order export.

How to set a checkout form for a specific event

  • Any checkout form questions you create under 'Box office settings' will be asked to attendees for ALL of your events. To ask event-specific questions, go to the 'Events' section of your dashboard, find your event and choose 'Edit checkout form' from the side menu.

  • Any event with an event-specific checkout form set will override the global checkout form.

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