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How to download and invite your team to the Check-in App
How to download and invite your team to the Check-in App

How to Configure the Ticket Tailor Mobile Check-in App

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The Check-in app makes it easy to manage entry at your event.

1. Download the check-in app

The Check-in App requires Android 6+ or iOS 13+ or above to run on your device.

2. Invite your check-in app users from your dashboard

  1. From your Ticket Tailor dashboard, click the 'Box office settings' option from your main navigation of the admin panel, and then click 'Check-in app users'.

  2. Click 'Add user' to create a user login for the app. Enter their name, email and select what events the user should be able to access. Click Save.

    1. You can also use the checkboxes to decide if the user should see sensitive data, or if this should be hidden from your door staff.

    2. Select the checkbox called 'Send login link' to send their login details to their email.

  3. Load up the app on your check-in device and click the link in the user email. The app will log you in and show you the events available for check-in.

💡 The name entered when inviting a new check-in app user will appear on reporting of who checked-in each ticket. Instead of a person’s name, you can enter the name of a device or of a gate/entry point if that is more helpful for reporting and device management.

Having trouble logging in?

  • The app password is a unique, auto-generated password, and not the password you use to log into your Ticket Tailor account.

  • The magic login link expires after the first use or after 24 hours, whichever comes first, and has to be resent via your Ticket Tailor account after this.

  • To manually find the password for each user, open the check-in app users, where you can see a section called 'Password'. Click the button that says 'Show.' A password should appear.

Why use the Ticket Tailor check-in app?

  • Check-in attendees by scanning their tickets, searching for personal details, or selecting from a door list.

  • Keep track of event check-in progress with overview stats.

  • Easily filter your door list by ticket type and sort by first name or last name.

  • Works both online and offline in case you have bad or no internet connection at your event.

  • Automatic synchronisation allows you to check in tickets on multiple devices at once to speed up door entry.

  • Download multiple events to the app and switch between them easily. Create multiple user profiles to track check-ins by staff members and easily revoke their access after the event.

  • View or download your check-in statistics after your event.

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