A doorlist is an ordered list of all of the orders received for an event. It’s an easy way to check attendees into your event and validate their tickets as they arrive. This tutorial will show you how to create a doorlist for any one of your events. 

  1. From the Events section of your dashboard, find your event and choose Attendee check-in from the side menu.
  2. Under Check-in attendees, click the button marked “Print out a doorlist”.
  3. Here you can choose whether you’d like your doorlist arranged by first name, last name, or the attendee’s ticket code. You can also choose whether to have your doorlist in a printable PDF version, or as a CSV spreadsheet.
  4. Click the orange button marked “Export doorlist”, and on the next screen clicked the link marked “Click here to download your doorlist”.
  5. Your doorlist should download straight away and open in your browser (depending on your browser settings). You can now print your doorlist, email it to other people in your organisation or save it for later.

Things to note:

  • Please note that if your event is still on sale when you download your doorlist, the information will change if you sell more tickets - and therefore should not be used as a final doorlist if you intend to keep the event on sale.
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