How can I add my custom domain to my box office?

Add a custom domain to your box office for a seamless branded experience.

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You can add your custom domain name to your box office to add a bit of professional polish.

💡 Custom domains are a paid feature. Check out our fees.

For example, you could change your site from


How to connect your domain name

1) Enable the feature from your billing page

  • Head to 'Box office settings' > 'Billing'

  • Scroll down until you see the box called 'Custom domain name' and select 'Learn more' to add it to your monthly billing

    • 💡 If you are a White label user, custom domains are included, so you don't need to add it on.

2) Connect your custom domain to your Ticket Tailor account

  • Select 'Box office settings' and then 'Custom domain' from the left-hand side menu.

    The 'Manage' menu with 'Custom domain' highlighted.
  • a CNAME record will be generated.

  • Log in to your Domain Name provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Square space, Wix etc).

  • Go to DNS Settings (or something similar).

  • Copy the CNAME record from your Ticket Tailor box office into your provider.

  • Wait until it's approved and it will look like this in TT: with an active flag

⌛️ It may take up to 1 hour for your custom domain to activate after completing these steps (it's usually a lot quicker!)

💡If you do not have a custom domain name, you can use any domain name service provider to set up a custom domain. However, if you’re looking for suggestions, we recommend GoDaddy as their admin interface is relatively easy to use.

Unable to connect your domain name?

If none of this makes sense, don’t worry – connecting domain names is not always easy. Connecting your domain name to Ticket Tailor is out of our control, so if you need further help, we suggest speaking to a technical person you know or emailing your domain name provider support and sending this help page link.

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