How can I sell gift vouchers and create voucher codes?

Use the Promote section to sell gift cards which generate codes, or add custom voucher codes from another site e.g. Groupon

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How to sell gift vouchers

Selling gift vouchers is a great way to grow your customers, as people can share the magic of your events and the love they have for your brand with their own community.

Selling a gift voucher which generates an automatic voucher code is an effortless way to boost your sales.

💡If you are looking for how to add other types of promotional codes to Ticket Tailor, see this article to learn how to create discount codes.

1) Create your gift voucher template

💡 A gift voucher template sets the conditions of the voucher you'll be selling to your customers. You can choose how you want to market your vouchers (e.g. the buyer-facing name and price) in step 2.

  • Head to ‘Promote’ and click on ‘Voucher codes’ in the left-hand menu.

  • Select the tab called 'Gift vouchers'

  • Next, click the button called 'Create gift voucher template'.

  • Fill in the details about the voucher you want to sell, including the price and the validity.

2) Sell your voucher using a linked product

💡 Products are things you sell in your box office. Linking a gift voucher to a product lets you set the conditions of sale (e.g. price and where you want it to show to your buyers).

  • Click on the gift voucher template you have created.

  • Click the button to 'Add a linked product' to create a linked product to sell your vouchers.

  • Enter the name of your voucher, as you want it to appear on your checkout.

  • Add the price you want to sell your voucher for.

  • Use the checkbox to select where you want to sell your voucher - either as an upsell with your tickets, in your store, or both.

  • Select how many gift vouchers you'd like to sell by adjusting the quantity.

  • You don't need to adjust any of the other sections, as they will automatically update based on your voucher details.

  • Click 'Create product'.

Things to note:

💡 Your voucher will now be on sale wherever you have chosen to sell your products. When customers buy a voucher their order will appear on the 'Orders' page, and their voucher code will appear in your gift voucher template under 'Voucher codes'.

💡 Selling a gift voucher as a linked product will cost 1 credit/PAYG fee per 1 sold product.

💡 When a voucher code is redeemed, the ticket is still regarded as "sold", and will incur 1 credit/PAYG fee per ticket or product as per our usual fees.

❌ You can't currently sell custom gift voucher codes via Ticket Tailor. You can sell a gift voucher as a product with auto-generated codes, or you can sell custom gift voucher codes using another platform and import them into Ticket Tailor.

❌ You can't send a voucher to a specific email address - it will be emailed to the buyer who can forward it or print it for their recipient.

Add custom voucher codes that you've sold in other places, like on Groupon

  • Head to ‘Promote’ and click on ‘Voucher codes’ in the left-hand menu.

  • The tab called 'Promo voucher codes' should be selected by default. If not, select this tab.

  • Next, click the create a batch of voucher codes button:

  • Name the voucher with the name that the buyer will see on redemption, and set the value of the voucher.

  • Enter your custom voucher codes, for example from Groupon, in the ‘Custom voucher codes’ textbox.

    • You can enter from 1 up to 1000 unique voucher codes. Each voucher code can be redeemed just once, and you must paste one voucher code per line.

  • Chose if you want your vouchers to be partially redeemable by ticking the checkbox, or leaving it blank.

    • 💡 For example, if a voucher is worth $50, and is used against an order worth $30, the voucher will have a remaining value of $20. If checked, the voucher can be used against other orders in the future. If you leave this unchecked then voucher codes will only be redeemable once and the customer will lose any remaining value. You can not edit this setting later.

  • In the next box, you can set an expiration date for your voucher. The voucher cannot be redeemed after this date.

  • Using the checkboxes, select which events you want your vouchers to apply to, or whether your voucher can be used for any event or store order.

    • 💡 If you have chosen specific events, then add new events after you've created your gift voucher you will need to edit your voucher to add your new events.

A GIF showing a £50 voucher code batch called "End of year promo" being created for four voucher codes. The codes are assigned to a 'Santa\s Grotto' and they are partially redeemable.

Redemption tips for gift vouchers and voucher codes:

  • When you have created at least one voucher code, a box saying ‘enter promo code’ will automatically appear on the checkout form for all of your applicable events.

    A gif of a charitable theatre tour checkout with the 'Do you have a promo code' field being expanded
  • Multiple voucher codes can be used in the same order.

  • Once a voucher code has been used, it will be crossed out of the batch on the voucher page.

    A screenshot of a voucher code box with the voucher '12345' crossed our and a second voucher code still valid
  • You can see which ticket buyer has used a voucher, as it will show against their order, on the ‘Orders’ page.

  • You can include voucher code information in your line item report, when you export your order information.


If your voucher codes are not working, please check the following:

  • Voucher codes are case-sensitive. Please check that your buyer is using the correct code.

  • Check that your voucher code can be used for the event they are trying to book.

    • Go to 'Events'

    • Select your event, then 'Edit event and tickets' then scroll down to the 'Advanced settings' area.

    • You will see a list of voucher code types. Make sure the checkbox is selected for your voucher code to work.

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