Can I import tickets in bulk?

Yes! You can upload attendee information to your event, if you take orders in person, or market your event on other ticketing platforms.

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Before you import tickets you will need:

  • An existing event to import the tickets into.

  • Existing ticket types that you would like to import tickets to.

  • Enough capacity for each ticket type to add the extra tickets to. (For example, if I want to import 200 VIP tickets to my event, I will need to make sure that I have a general admission ticket type with at least 200 tickets remaining).

  • A .csv file for each ticket type you want to import.

  • Either ticket credits available or your payment details set up.

💡 Importing tickets is a chargeable service:

It costs 1 credit or PAYG charge for every 1 ticket imported, regardless of the price of the tickets.

How to organise your data for your .csv upload

Your CSV should have:

  1. One ticket type per .csv.

  2. One ticket per line.

  3. No ‘header’ column.

  4. Four columns in the following order: attendee name, email (optional), reference (optional), barcode (optional).

  5. You can leave optional columns blank if you don't wish to use them, and if you leave the barcode column blank then we will auto-generate a unique barcode for each ticket.

  6. Your CSV can have a maximum of 1,000 rows.

Here is an example of what your CSV should look like:

If you haven’t collected attendee emails, or don’t want to specify an external reference, you should leave the column blank:

How to import your tickets

Tickets are imported to an event or an occurrence.

  • Open your event or occurrence, and click on ‘Issued tickets’ from your left-hand menu.

  • Click ‘Import tickets’ at the top-right of the import tickets page.

  • Select ‘Choose file’, or drag and drop your file into the importer, and click ‘Upload’.

  • Review your imported data. Any errors will be highlighted in red so that you can fix them and re-upload your file.

  • Click ‘Next’ if you are happy to import the tickets in your columns.

  • Select your existing ticket type, which you want to add your imported tickets to, from the dropdown and click Import tickets.

Your tickets will now appear in your ‘Issued ticket’ list for your event, with an import icon next to them so you can easily distinguish them from your orders.

How imported tickets can be used

✅ Imported tickets will appear on your doorlist.

✅ Imported tickets will appear in your check-in app.

✅ You can scan your imported barcodes using your check-in app.

✅ Imported tickets will appear in your total ticket counts.

✅ You can send new ticket vouchers to your imported attendees using an email broadcast.

❌ Imported tickets won’t add to your event revenue - you should account for this revenue separately.

❌ Imported tickets won’t show on your ‘Orders’ page - you can access imported tickets in the Issued Tickets list.

❌ Imported tickets will not be emailed to attendees automatically. You can send new ticket vouchers if you need to.
❌ If you need to send an email broadcast to imported attendees, you will need to make a copy of an existing broadcast and set the recipients as 'imported ticket holders'.

❌ You can't import seated tickets. You can take these off-sale manually from your 'Seating chart' tab in your event, and add the orders as a 'hidden' ticket type.

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