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💡 This article is about moving a booking between occurrences in an event series. To move a booking between different events in your box office, refund to a voucher and rebook.

Steps to transfer an order:

  1. Open your orders tab and click on the order which you want to transfer.

  2. Click the button which says ‘transfer order’

  3. Select the new occurrence where you wish to move the booking.

    1. If you have lots of future dates and/or times, you can use the filters to make the list smaller.

  4. Click ‘Transfer’.

  5. Your order will be transferred and your ticket buyer will be sent a confirmation of their new event date or time

Things to note:

✅ Tickets can only be transferred when the new booking will be exactly the same as the old booking, except for the date and time.

❌ Tickets can’t be transferred if there are different overrides applied to the old and new date.

❌ Tickets can’t be transferred if there are not enough available tickets left on the new occurrence.

❌ Orders can’t be partially transferred.

💡 When transferring an order, you will not be charged additional credits for the tickets.

💡 If an order cannot be transferred, you will see a warning message after selecting the occurrence explaining why:

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