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How to move an order to another event in your box office
How to move an order to another event in your box office

If a ticket buyer has booked for the wrong date, you can move their order to another event, or another date or time in your event series.

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Sometimes, ticket buyers will contact you because they have made a mistake with their booking. This article explains how to move their order to another event in your box office.

💡 This article is about moving a booking between different events. If you want to transfer a booking from one occurrence to another. in an event series. To move a booking between different events in your box office you can transfer a booking.

In this article:

Moving paid tickets:

  1. Open your ‘Orders’ page from the top menu bar.

  2. Search by name, ticket code, or email to find the order you wish to move.

  3. Click on the order to open the order detail.

  4. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the order.

  5. Enter a reason for your cancellation.
    💡 Please note: your ticket buyer will see what you type in this box.

  6. From the drop-down menu, select the option to ‘refund the order via voucher’.

  7. Uncheck the box called ‘Send voucher to ticket buyer’, as you are going to move their booking on their behalf.
    💡 If you would like your ticket buyer to receive their own voucher, and make their own alternate booking, you can check this box, and finish at step 8.

  8. Click the button to ‘Cancel this order’.

  9. You will see a confirmation of the cancellation, as well as a notice of the voucher code. To book a new date for your customer, click the link that says ‘Use voucher to create a new order for this customer’.

  10. After clicking the link, you will be taken to the checkout form. Book your customer onto their new date, as if you were adding a manual order.

  11. When you reach the checkout form, your voucher will be automatically filled. Click ‘Apply’ to use the voucher.

  12. You should see a confirmation message, and if the new order value is equivalent to, or lower than, the original order total, your order total will be 0.
    💡 If your new order has a higher value than the original order, you will need to make arrangements with your ticket buyer to take their payment manually, for example over the phone, or make an operator payment.

  13. Click ‘Next’ to be brought to the order confirmation screen.

  14. If you are happy with the new booking, click ‘Click here to complete your order’. This will send the new tickets to your customer.

Moving free tickets:

If your tickets are free, you can skip steps 5 - 14 and simply cancel and rebook the tickets from your orders page.

Credits and payments note:

💡 When transferring an order, you will not be charged additional credits for the tickets.

If you use a voucher to transfer an order and purchase more tickets than were in the original order, you will be charged a credit for each additional ticket.

Here are a few examples:

  • You initially created an order for 5 tickets and were charged 5 credits. You transferred this order to another date (still with 5 tickets). You will not be charged any additional credits.

  • You initially created an order for 5 tickets and were charged 5 credits. You refunded the order to a voucher and then created a new order with 6 tickets. Your original 5 credits carry over, but you will be charged 1 credit more for the 6th ticket.

Other things to note:

💡 If you want to issue a partial refund, because the new event or occurrence is cheaper than the original order, you will need to facilitate this from your payment processor (e.g. Stripe or Paypal) where the original transaction was made.

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