iDeal and Bancontact will be shown as payment options to ticket buyers if you:

  1. Enable Stripe as your payment processor for your event.

  2. Set your event currency to Euros (EUR).

  3. Navigate to 'Settings' and 'Payment systems'.

  4. Click the three dots in the 'Stripe' section to open 'Settings'.

  5. Select which payment options to display at checkout using the checkboxes and click save.

You may need to check that iDeal or Bancontact, (or both) are turned on in your Stripe account settings.

πŸ’‘ Accepting payments via iDEAL or Bancontact is likely to save you money on Stripe processing fees. Please check out your local processing fees directly.

If you need help setting up your payment processor, check out how to use Stripe to take payments for your event in our help centre.

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