In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to set up recurring events – here are some examples of when this may be useful for your event:

  • If you run multiple classes on a weekly basis
  • If you host a monthly workshop
  • If you are ticketing entry to an attraction where you want to sell slots for different times of the day, over a long period of time

Before we get into the instructions, there are a few important points to bear in mind with this feature:

  • Recurring events work by creating ‘occurrences’ of an event. These occurrences will always share the same event details and set up, including ticket types. The occurrences cannot have separate details, apart from the date and time.
  • All occurrences of an event will also share the same order confirmation and order checkout settings.

Let’s walk through how to set up a recurring event:

1) Head to ‘Events’ and click on ‘Add new event’ to get started.

2) Enter the name of your event – remember this name will be the same title across all occurrences of your event.

3) Select the start and end time / date for the first occurrence of your event. Then click the checkbox to ‘Add recurring event’.

4) Click on the ‘Add occurrence’ button to add additional dates:

5) This will add new rows for each occurrence of your event – make sure you update the dates and times for each slot as required.

If you edit any of the dates to not be chronological, you won’t be able to re-order the rows, but don’t worry, they will automatically be sorted on the event listing when you publish the event.

5) Continue to fill out all of the other details for your events, including the ticket types and the general event settings. Note that the settings and ticket types you chose here will automatically be applied to all occurrences of the event. For example, if you chose to put 20 tickets on sale, this will mean each occurrence of the event will have 20 tickets available.

6) Hit ‘Save event’. You can then click on ‘Preview event page’ to check it all looks ok. Once you are happy, you can set your event live by hitting ‘Publish’ on the dropdown at the top of your dashboard:

Note that by clicking ‘Publish’ you are putting live all occurrences of the event, and they will all be available for sale via the same event page:

7) Click ‘Change event state’ and you’re all set! Here’s what it will look like for your ticket buyers:

Note: If you are using a legacy pricing plan, or our workaround for recurring events you may not see the above options in your event set-up, please contact our customer support team and we’ll talk you through how to move over to the new recurring event feature.

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