Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking visitors and page views to a website. You can connect Google Analytics to your Ticket Tailor box office so you can track the visitors and what they do. 

If you are already using Google Analytics on your own website then you should consider setting up cross-domain tracking. This will make sure that a user that comes from your website to your Ticket Tailor box office will be tracked as the same user.

To get your tracking set up:

  1. Get your tracking ID from your Google Analytics account. Here's a guide from Google on how to do that. Copy your tracking ID so it is at hand.

  2. From your Ticket Tailor dashboard, click Settings and then Connect apps from the list, and then click Google Analytics.

  3. It will ask you for your tracking ID. Paste this in to the box.

  4. If you would like to set up cross-domain tracking, enter the domain name of your website, e.g.

  5. Click Save settings.

  6. Your box office should now be sending data of any visitors to your Google Analytics dashboard.

  7. If you set up cross-domain tracking then you will need to update the tracking code on your website - the specific changes should be shown on the screen.

If you get stuck on setting this up, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Setting up e-commerce tracking
E-commerce tracking is set up by default and you just need to activate it in your Google Analytics Admin.

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