How to set up Google Analytics tracking

Connect Google Analytics to your Ticket Tailor box office so you can track site visitors and what they do. 

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Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking visitors and page views to a website. Connect Google Analytics to your Ticket Tailor box office so you can track the visitors and what they do. This article will show you how to connect Google Analytics 4 to Ticket Tailor.

To get your tracking set up:

  1. Get your measurement ID from your Google Analytics account. Here's a guide from Google on how to do that. Copy your measurement ID so it is at hand.

  2. From your Ticket Tailor dashboard, click 'Box office settings' and then 'Connect apps' from the list, and then click 'Configure' next to Google Analytics.

  3. It will ask you for your measurement ID. Paste this into the box.

  4. Click 'Save settings'.

  5. Your box office should now be sending data of any visitors to your Google Analytics dashboard.

  6. 💡 If you are using a custom domain, or if you don't want to set up cross-domain tracking (for example if you are just using your Ticket Tailor box office to sell your tickets) you can leave the box called 'Primary domain for i-frame cross-domain tracking' blank.

How to set up cross-domain tracking:

Why is cross-domain tracking important:

If you are already using Google Analytics on your own website then you should consider setting up cross-domain tracking in your Google Analytics account. This will make sure that a user that comes from your website to your Ticket Tailor box office will be tracked as the same user.

For example, if I have a marketing site called '' and from there, I link to a Ticket Tailor event page e.g. then when someone visits my website and buys a ticket this will be tracked in Google Analytics as one user/session. This way you will be able to see a complete buyer journey.

Steps to set up cross-domain tracking

1. In the box called 'Primary domain for i-frame cross-domain tracking' add your marketing site which is connected to Google Analytics.

(In the above example, this is

A screenshot of an integration pop up with 'G-ABCDEFGH' in the 'Measurement ID' box, and '' in the 'Primary domain for i-frame cross tracking' box.

2. Ensure the Google Analytics code on your website matches what you can see on your integrations page.

What gets sent to Google Analytics?

When you have set up your Google Analytics integration, you can expect to see these events:

  • View item

    • A buyer has opened the ticket/product selection list in your checkout.

  • Add to cart

    • A buyer has selected at least one ticket/product.

  • Begin Checkout

    • A buyer has reached the checkout form.

  • Purchase

    • A buyer has completed a purchase.

Troubleshooting Google Analytics

If you are not seeing the data you expect in Google Analytics, please check the following:

  • Make sure you are looking at the correct property in Google Analytics. Data will appear in the property with the same measurement ID you added to Ticket Tailor.

  • Double-check that your measurement ID and the primary domain for cross-domain tracking are correct in Ticket Tailor.

  • Some reports can take some time to appear. Real-time reports should be fairly quick to show new data. Other events and reports may take longer (24-48 hours to load).

  • If you have checked all of the above, please contact customer support with:

    • The URL where you have linked to your event page or widget;

    • The Ticket Tailor event page;

    • Screenshots of your Google Analytics dashboard;

    • A rough idea of the % of data you are missing.

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