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How do I set a capacity limit across multiple tickets?
How do I set a capacity limit across multiple tickets?

Limiting capacity across multiple tickets. e.g. family tickets.

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You may have a limited capacity for part of your event but still be selling different ticket types. For example let's say you have a maximum capacity of 500, and there are tickets for both adults and children. You want to be able to sell up to 500 tickets of each but make sure the total doesn't exceed 500. This is simple to do by limiting your event quantity.

Navigate to the edit event form or create a new event and from there:

  1. Create all your ticket types and set the quantity to the total maximum number of tickets available for your event.

  2. Scroll to the section called 'Create ticket types'.

  3. Tick the box called 'Set a maximum quantity of tickets that can be sold across all ticket types'.

  4. Enter the total capacity of your event.

Screenshot showing the max. quantity of tickets configured to be 650 tickets

That's it! Now you won't sell more than the maximum quantity specified for your event!

❓To limit capacity further, check out ticket groups.

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