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How to run online events using Zoom and Ticket Tailor
How to run online events using Zoom and Ticket Tailor
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If you are running an online event using Zoom then this guide gives you everything you need to need know.

1) Create your event on Ticket Tailor

When creating or editing your event, be sure to mark it as an 'Online event' and select 'Zoom' as the 'Platform':

This will show ticket buyers that the event is held online via Zoom. You can then add your Zoom joining link in the 'Online event link' field.

2) Create your event on Zoom

Head over to Zoom, sign up and 'Schedule a Meeting', as shown below:

Once you have done that, Zoom will give you a 'Join URL'. Copy this link as we will need it later.

3) Update your Event confirmation email on Ticket Tailor

When a ticket is bought, Ticket Tailor sends out an order confirmation email. We have an online version of our confirmation email template which automatically includes the Zoom meeting link you added. Learn more about how this feature works and how you can tailor it to suit your needs.

You might also like to send out an email reminder with the 'Join URL' just before the event begins which you can do using our Broadcast feature.

The approach above will work for most events. However, the Meetings feature of Zoom does have some limitations, particularly if you are running a large event. If you would prefer to use the Webinar feature of Zoom (available on their paid plans), then you will have better control of who can access your events, and you can automatically add participants to the webinar with our Zapier integration. The set up is the same as above, except you are creating a 'Webinar' instead of a meeting. If you use Zapier, you can set up a zap to automatically add ticket buyers from Ticket Tailor as participants of a webinar on Zoom.

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