If you want to take payment by bank transfer, cheque or by any other means that isn't online, then will you need to set up offline payments.

How to set up offline payments

  1. Go to Settings and click on Payment systems.

  2. In the Offline payments section click Create new offline payment profile.

  3. It will ask you to fill out the following details:

4. Fill out the details for your offline payment, using the tooltips for further guidance. The most important is the payment instructions - this explains to the ticket buyer how they should pay. Click Save.
5. After adding this payment method to your events, your customers will be presented with it this option at checkout. 

How it looks for customers

My example below shows what it might look like for Pay by bank transfer:

If they click on the payment option they will be shown the payment instructions and be asked to confirm that they will follow them:

If they continue by selecting this option, the order will complete, their tickets will be issued and they will see the payment instructions on the order confirmation, both on screen, in their email, and if you have invoices set up it will show on there too:

How it works in your dashboard

When a customer uses an offline payment, the order will show in your dashboard as pending:

Tip: You can filter your orders just to show Pending orders like so:

Once you have received the payment, click through to the order and click Confirm payment received. You can optionally add a Transaction ID for your internal reference. Enter a Transaction ID if you wish and click Confirm.

The payment has now been confirmed.

At your event, if a payment is pending it will show on the doorlist or on the check-in app, so that you know they are still due to pay.

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