If you don’t have any events on sale right now, and you're on one of our monthly plans, you can stop the renewal at any time. Your account will then be on our 'Pay as you go' option, allowing you to keep your account but not be charged a fixed monthly fee. You'll only be charged for what you use, and you can switch back to our monthly plan at any time.

1) From the Settings section of your dashboard, choose Billing from the side menu.

2) Under the Your billing details heading, hit the purple button marked 'Change plan':

3) On the 'Please select a plan' page, change to the 'Pay as you go' option by clicking on the 'Select this plan' button:

You will now be on our Pay as you go plan, which means you'll no longer have monthly fixed charges, and only be charged based on your usage.

Things to note:

  • You will remain on your previous plan until the recurring billing date. For example, if you are usually billed on the 30th of the month, but you opt to cancel on the 15th, your plan will remain active until the 30th with no further fixed monthly charges beyond this point.

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