You can customise the order confirmation a customer receives when they buy a ticket for your event. This is useful if you want to provide extra information for customers, such as directions to the event or a refund policy or if you want attendees to bring photo ID to the event, for example. This tutorial will show you how to customise the order confirmation email for all your events.

  1. From the Settings section of your dashboard, choose Order confirmation from the side menu.
  2. Here you can edit your order confirmation email as you would in an email client. Use the formatting buttons to bold or italic certain parts of text, insert images, and turn text into links. 
  3. The dotted-line boxes shaded blue are Placeholders. These can be used to automatically place some attendee details, or event details, into the order confirmation email. Click the Placeholders button (as indicated on the page) and choose the field from the drop-down menu. 
  4. When you’re done, click the orange button marked Save.

Things to note:

  • Modifying the Order confirmation email under Settings will affect the emails for all of your events. To edit event-specific order confirmations, go to the Events section of your dashboard, and find the event you want to edit. Next, choose Edit order confirmation from the side menu and click the orange button marked “Create a new order confirmation for this event”.
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