How to Resend a Ticket

Resend a ticket, gift voucher or membership that was ordered from your box office.

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If your attendee has lost their ticket or needs a new copy for any reason, you can resend their ticket to the address they used when they bought it. This tutorial will show you how to resend a ticket for any of your events. 

💡 These instructions will also resend any gift voucher emails or membership emails if they were purchased in the selected order.

  1. In the 'Orders' section of your dashboard, use the search box under Ticket orders or the Event drop-down menu to find the event or individual attendee’s name. You can search by name, email, transaction ID or ticket code to make finding the order easier.

  2. When you’ve found the order you want to resend, click anywhere in that row to open a pop-up showing all the order details. Click the purple button marked 'Resend'.

  3. In the next pop-up, confirm that you’d like to resend by clicking the purple 'Resend' button. 

  4. Clicking this will resend your event confirmation email including any event information and ticket vouchers if you've added them.

Things to note:

  • If you want to send the ticket to another email address, you will need to edit the order before clicking “Resend ticket”. You can do this by clicking the orange “Edit order” button in the 'Order details' pop-up.

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