How to cancel or refund an order

Learn what to do when you need to cancel or refund an order for a ticket buyer.

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This tutorial will show you how to cancel, or refund an entire order for one of your Ticket Tailor events. 

1. How to cancel

  1. In the ‘Orders’ section of your dashboard, use the search box or the filters to find the individual order you want to cancel.
    💡 You can search by name, email, transaction ID or ticket code to make finding the order easier.

  2. When you’ve found the order you want to cancel, click anywhere in that row to open a pop-up showing all the order details. Then, click the 'Cancel order' button.

  3. Enter the reason for the order cancellation in the box provided.

    1. 💡 NOTE: Your ticket buyer will see the cancellation reason on their automated email.

  4. If you are NOT issuing a refund, make sure the dropdown says 'no refund' and select 'Cancel this order'.

2. How to refund paid orders

  1. Cancelling an order does not automatically refund the customer’s payment.

  2. Select your appropriate refund action using the dropdown:

    1. If you are using Stripe, Square or PayPal as your payment processor you will see a checkbox marked “Refund the order payment”. Choose this to refund 100% of the payment to the customer's original payment method.

    2. If you are using Offline payments, or wish to issue a partial refund, you will need to issue the refund from your bank or payment processor, and not from Ticket Tailor.

    3. You will also see the option to refund via voucher. This will issue your customer a voucher that they can use to make another order in your box office. (If your customer paid using a voucher, or via an offline payment method, you will only see this refund option).

  3. Click the 'Cancel this order' button. Your customer will be sent a cancellation email to notify them that their ticket is no longer valid.

❓ Cancelling a ticket will not refund any spent credits or PAYG fees to your box office balance.

💡 You can also refund and manage any transactions with your customer directly in Stripe, PayPal or Square. However, refunds made in Stripe, PayPal or Square will not update your tickets, orders or revenue in Ticket Tailor.

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