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How much does Ticket Tailor cost?
How much does Ticket Tailor cost?

We always aim to offer the lowest fees in the industry and constantly check our prices against alternatives. We want your events to succeed.

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Free tickets issued on the platform are free!

For paid tickets, we charge based on usage. 1 ticket sold = 1 usage.

We offer two billing options:

  • The Pay as you go option which incurs a small fee for every ticket sold.

  • A Prepay option which allows you to pay upfront for ticket credits and gives you access to significant discounts compared to Pay as you go

If you are on the Pay as you go plan or your ticket credits run out you will automatically be charged a small fee for each ticket sale.

If you are taking payments via Stripe, then the fee will be collected automatically at the point of sale.

If you are using PayPal to collect payments we will collect payment from your card at the end of your billing cycle.

If you pay via the Prepay option then payment is taken upfront via credit/debit card.

You will have the option to auto-renew monthly, when ticket credit is low (25 tickets or less remaining) or purchase on a one-off basis.

Want to sell tickets for free?

As you can imagine, no ticketing platform is truly free. It takes a fair amount of resources to provide a platform you can rely on and trust with your ticket sales.

That said, you can pass your fees on to your ticket buyers by adding booking or transaction fees. Even a small booking fee could cover all your Ticket Tailor fees and your payment processing fees, meaning you get to hold on to all of the face value of the ticket price.

See our pricing options on the pricing page or sign up and create your first event.

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