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How do I edit my tickets / order confirmation email?
How do I edit my tickets / order confirmation email?
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Every order made via your box office will get:

To edit your order confirmation email:

  • In the 'Box office settings' section of your dashboard, choose 'Confirmation emails' from the side menu.

  • Here you’re able to edit the look and content of the emails your attendees receive when they purchase something from your box office. For more help with editing your order confirmation email, please see the tutorials: How to edit your Event confirmation email and How to edit your Order confirmation email.

  • Event confirmation emails can also be customised per event:

    • Go to the 'Events' section of your dashboard, and find the event you want to edit. Click on it to open it.

    • Next, choose 'Event confirmation' from the side menu.

    • Click the button marked 'Event specific order confirmation' and edit as above.

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