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How to see answers to your checkout form questions
How to see answers to your checkout form questions

View customer information and answers to ticket buyer questions you've collected in the check-in app or via an export.

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If you've customised your checkout form, you'll probably want to use the answers to any custom questions you've asked to help organise your event.

Download your answers

  • Head to 'Orders'.

  • Select your required orders.

  • Export a line item report, ensuring that the 'Custom attendee questions; and 'Custom buyer questions' are selected in your export.

View your answers in the check-in app

  • Download the check-in app.

  • Open your event.

  • Head to 'Doorlist'.

  • Click on a customer's name to expand their order and see their answers to your custom attendee questions.

    • Seat numbers will also appear here.

❓Only 'Attendee questions' will appear on the Check-in app. Any buyer questions you need will need to be downloaded using the steps below.

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