How to add existing members to your membership type

Import a list of existing members so that they can get a membership discount on your events

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Before you import a member, you will need to set up your membership type.

When you've created your membership type:

  • From the 'Memberships' tab click on the name of the membership type you want to issue.

  • Click the button 'Issue a membership'.

  • Enter the name and email of your member.

    • You can change the validity of individual memberships by unchecking the checkbox 'Use default "your membership type" limits and validity'.

πŸ’‘ Members can only be added one by one, not in bulk.

πŸ’‘ Members will be sent their QR membership code to the email you've added, as soon as they have been added.

πŸ’‘ It's free to issue a manual membership.

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