Troubleshooting your custom domain setup

Tips on how to troubleshoot setup issues with your custom domain.

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Below are some custom domain FAQ's. Please try the below if your custom domain is not directing to your box office page.

All 3 DNS values from your Ticket Tailor dashboard need to be added to your domain name provider and verified before the custom domain will activate.

This needs to be done within 30 days of generating the values.

How to check your domain is set up correctly:

  1. Open the website MX toolbox:

  2. Paste one of the DNS values from your Ticket Tailor dashboard into the search bar.

  3. Use the dropdown to select CNAME or TXT.

  4. Click 'lookup'.

  5. Check that the records in MX toolbox match the records in Ticket Tailor. If they are different, you need to edit the values in your domain provider so that they match.


I can only see 2 records in my dashboard, not 3.

If there are any TXT records missing from the list in the dashboard, it means they are already verified and can be ignored (The CNAME record will always appear, even if its verified).

I can see a “This page is not available right now” error when loading my box office via my custom domain.

You need to wait a little longer. The DNS records have been added correctly and they are verifying.

💡 If you have been through the steps above and your custom domain still isn't working as intended, please send a screenshot of the values in your domain name provider to

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