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How and why to display a date or key word search and filter on your box office page or widget

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When you're busy running loads of events, you can help your mega-fans snap up the tickets they want even faster by letting them search your box office, or widget, by date and event name.

How your ticket buyers can use filters:

Enabling search on event listings means that when your ticket buyers head to your box office page, or to your embedded widget, they can type in a search term to find an event with a specific name, as well as search for a date they want to book for.

How to customise your marketing with filters

If you use your own website for your events, you can use filtering to create direct links to custom groups of events. For example, you could create a calendar view of events, linking each date on your website to a box office filtered by date. Or, you could build a promo page for a series of events, like an upcoming play in a theatre, and link it to a box office filtered by name.

To do this:

  • Open your box office link.

  • Filter your events.

  • Copy the URL.

  • Use the URL as a link from your website.

How to disable event filters for ticket buyers

The event search and filter will show on your box office page and widget by default. If you want to remove the search and filter from your box office or widget:

  • Under 'Basic settings', untick the box labelled 'Enable search on event listings'.

  • Click 'Save'.

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