How to log in to the Check-in app

Send a magic link to your email or use your username and password from 'Box office settings' > 'Check-in app users'

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You can send a login link or find your unique username and password to log in to the Check-in app on the Ticket Tailor website.

  • Log in to your account at

  • Go to 'Box office settings' > 'Check-in app users'.

  • Click on the check-in app user name.

  • Click 'Send login link'.

  • This will send a single-use link to log in to the app as an email to the check-in app email address.

  • Open the email on the check-in device and click to log in to the app.

πŸ’‘ Alternatively, you can select 'Click here to show' to view your password and enter your email and password manually.

​Please note:

  • The app password is a unique, auto-generated password, and not the password you use to log into your Ticket Tailor account.

  • The magic login link expires after the first use or after 24 hours, whichever comes first, and has to be resent via your Ticket Tailor account after this.

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