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Can I restore a deleted event?
Can I restore a deleted event?

Yes for 24 hours after you've deleted it.

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To protect your ticket buyer's privacy, it’s great practice to delete your events and order data after enough time has passed.

When you delete an event, a new 'deleted' tab will appear on your event page for 24 hours. You can see all of your deleted events here, and restore them into a draft state if you need to, for example, if you need to retrieve some extra data from your event.

A deleted event called 'Santa's Grotto [Weekend tickets]' with an arrow pointing to 'Restore event'

⏰ PLEASE NOTE: You only have 24 hours to restore a deleted event. After that time, event data can not be restored.

💡 You can add your own privacy policy to your event pages explaining how you store and use your ticket buyer data.

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