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How to report on your recurring event sales
How to report on your recurring event sales

Filter your orders and export them to get the reports you need

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When you're running a recurring event, it might be useful to run reports across a range of occurrences, to check how different ticket types are selling over different dates and times, to help schedule your staff rotas, or to see if marketing has been successful.

You can download a CSV spreadsheet for use in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets with all of your data so that you can create the reports you need.

How to export your orders

  • Head to 'Orders'.

  • Filter the orders page to show the order data you're interested in.

    • Use the dropdown 'Event or store is' to select orders from a whole recurring event, specific occurrence, or multiple different events.

      A screenshot of the orders page event selection filter showing a recurring event with three occurrences selected.
    • Use the date filters to select orders placed within a specific time frame.

  • Leave all orders unselected if you want to export everything, or select the orders you want to export using the checkboxes.

  • Click 'Actions' and ‘Export orders’.

  • From the pop-up, you can choose to export the 'Overview' report, which contains the basic data for each order, or the Itemised 'line item' report, which includes a breakdown of each item within an order.

  • Click the 'Download report' button.

Time-slot reporting

When you're running an event with different timeslots throughout the day, it may be useful to see ticket and revenue data at hourly intervals.

A screenshot of a timeslot report

To see your timeslot report in real-time:

  • Head to your event and open your event summary.

  • Use the dropdown to filter for all occurrences.

    All occurrences
  • Click the button that says 'Timeslot reporting' which is at the top of your list of occurrences.

  • You will be taken to a report which shows you different data per timeslot

    A screenshot with an arrow pointing at the 'timeslot reporting' button
    • Use the dropdown in the top right of the screen to decide what you want to see per hour.

    • 💡 If you're looking at the number of issued tickets per hour, hover over the number to see the breakdown per ticket type

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