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How to use an alternative payment method with Ticket Tailor
How to use an alternative payment method with Ticket Tailor

Enable offline payments with a payment link redirect to use an alternative to Stripe or PayPal.

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Offering complete flexibility to your customers to help them pay for tickets can really boost your ticket sales!

As well as using Stripe, Square or PayPal, you can set your own custom payment instructions in Ticket Tailor. For example, if I'm using a business bank account payments and want to direct payments there, I can give my customers this option at checkout using Offline payments.

1. Set up an alternative payment method:

  1. Go to 'Settings' and click on 'Payment systems'.

  2. In the 'Offline payments' section click 'Create new offline payment profile'.

  3. Fill in the details you want your customers to know about this payment method.

💡 For example, if you're using a direct payment link, you could write something like: "You will be redirected to complete your payment via this link after clicking 'Select payment link'. If you're not redirected, please copy and paste this link into your URL:".

1a. Send your customers to your payment link after they've booked their tickets:

If you have multiple payment methods, you might want to stop at step 3 above. If you're using a payment link, you can redirect your customers to this link after they complete their booking, to encourage them to pay you immediately.

  1. When adding or editing an event, click the 'Advanced settings' link at the bottom of the form.

  2. Check the box that says 'Redirect order confirmation page'.

  3. A text box labelled 'Redirect to URL will appear'. Add your payment link into this box.

  4. Click Save.

💡 All customers will be redirected if you enable this setting, so we only recommend this step if you are only using an Offline payment method.

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