After your event or occurrence, you will see some helpful stats on your event summary.

If you have used the check-in app, you will see data in the section called 'Checked in'.

There will be a total 'Checked in' number, and a total 'Attended' number on your event summary.

Checked in

This is a count of the total currently checked-in attendees.

For example, imagine the doors of your event have just opened. You have checked in just 1 ticket for an attendee when they arrived, but they forgot their camera so they left immediately and you checked them out as they left. This would show a 'checked in' count of 0.


Attended is a count of each unique ticket scanned for your event, regardless of check-ins and outs.

For example, if:

Attendee 1: Checked in to your event at 10:00 and checked out at 13:00
Attendee 2: Checked in to your event at 10:00 and is still there

You would have an 'attended' count of 2.

💡 Looking to export your check-in data? Export a line item report.

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