How to create and sell a season pass

Sell a season pass to give unlimited access to your super-fans!

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Create your Membership type to set your season pass conditions

  • Head to the 'Memberships' tab.

  • Click 'Add new membership type'.

  • Call your membership type something like 'Season pass'.

    • (This name will be shown to your customers when they're issued their season pass QR).

  • Chose the validity for your season pass.

    • This sets the length of time the pass will be accepted. It can be dependent on when they buy (use 'the date of issue') or fixed season dates (use 'A scheduled date').

  • Enter any extra info you would like your members to know, for example, "show your membership QR code on the door when you arrive".

  • Click 'Save membership type'.

Sell your season pass via Ticket Tailor

  • Click on the season pass you just created.

  • Click the button called 'Create new linked product'.

  • Name your linked product what you want your customers to see when they add their season pass to their basket, e.g. 'Season pass'.

  • Set the price for your season pass.

  • Set the quantity you'd like to sell for your season.

  • Leave the 'Fulfilment' and 'Membership type' settings as they are.

    • Your 'Fulfilment' settings should have automatically been set to issue a season pass.

    • This fulfilment will automatically issue a membership when someone buys this product from your store or your events.

    • Your membership product will appear in your list of products.

  • Add any instructions you want your members to know about their membership. This might be the same as the instructions you added to your membership type.

  • Use the checkboxes to decide whether you want to upsell your season passes when people buy event tickets, or if you want to sell them in your store, or both.

  • Click 'Create product'.

Scan your season passes at the door

  • Set up the Check-in app ready to scan your tickets and season passes.

  • Scan a membership QR code alongside your normal entry tickets, and click 'redeem' to check in your members in at the door.

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