How to cancel a membership

Cancel and refund the original order for the membership, or void a membership from within your membership type

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Cancel and refund a membership sold as a Product

If you have sold your membership as a product, via one of your events or in your Store, you can cancel and refund it.

  • Head to your 'Orders' tab and find the original customer order where they bought their membership.

  • Cancel the order and select your refund from the dropdown.

  • The order will be cancelled and the membership will be voided.

Void a membership

  • First, open your 'Memberships' tab.

  • Open the membership type that your customer has been issued.

  • Find your customer in the list of issued memberships. (Pressing 'ctrl' and 'f' or 'cmd' and 'f' on your keyboard can help you search for a name in a long list).

  • Click on the three dots next to their name, and click void.

  • Their membership will no longer be valid.

πŸ’‘ If you void a membership this way, any order placed to purchase the membership will not be affected.

❓ Memberships can only be voided on an individual basis - you can't cancel a membership type, or bulk void memberships.

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