How does the referral program work?

Learn about how the Ticket Tailor referral program works and how you can earn money by sharing a sign-up link.

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The Ticket Tailor referral program allows you to refer event creators to Ticket Tailor and earn a percentage of the fees they pay to us.

It's a great way to earn money by sharing a product that you (hopefully) already love.

Our partner program is powered by PartnerStack, and you will be required to create an account on their platform to withdraw your earnings.

Who is the referral program open to?

  • Existing Ticket Tailor users who already have an account

  • 3rd parties who do not have a Ticket Tailor account

How to join the referral program?

Existing users are automatically eligible for the referral program.

In the top right of your dashboard, you will see "Refer and earn 💸". Clicking this will provide you with your unique referral link

3rd parties can apply to join the referral program here.

Follow the details on the PartnerStack marketplace for more information on how to set up your account.

How do I refer people to Ticket Tailor?

It's simple. Share your unique sign-up link with potential Ticket Tailor users, and invite them to sign up to Ticket Tailor.

Your referral will be valid assuming the user signs up within 90 days after initially clicking on the link.

How much do I earn from successful referrals?

You will earn 20% on all Ticket Tailor fees your referral is charged. This does not include the tax they pay.

For the avoidance of doubt, your earnings do not relate to the overall ticket revenue of the account you refer. It's based on Ticket Tailor's fees. Visit our pricing page to understand the likely fees that a referral would be charged.

Earnings are not time-limited, so you will earn referral income for as long as your referral uses Ticket Tailor.

Earnings are not capped, so there is no overall limit to the amount you can earn via the referral program.

Does the person I refer get any benefits when they use my link?

Yes, they get 50 free credits.

How do I get paid?

Once your referral earnings exceed $5 you will be invited to create a PartnerStack account. This account will guide you through how payments are made to you. You will need to link a Stripe or PayPal account.

Want to learn more? Check out the PartnerStack support article on How you get paid for more information.

When do I get paid?

Payments are verified and paid-out the month after your commission is earned. For example, any commissions earned in February will be available March 13th.

Want to learn more? Check out the PartnerStack support article on How you get paid for more information.

Do you provide resources to help me?

Yes. Once you have a PartnerStack account you will see 'Resources' are available that will help you make more referrals.

Here you will find useful handouts to share, our brand guidelines, the story behind Ticket Tailor, visual assets, tips and tricks on being a successful referrer, and other exciting brand news.

Are there any rules or guidance?

Yes, you can refer to our Referral Partner Program Agreement for a complete list of the terms you agree to when participating in the referral program.

Some particular things to note:

  • You will not use your own Referral Link to purchase Ticket Tailor Services for yourself

  • You cannot spam people and must comply with all local data privacy and trading laws

  • If you are obliged to pay tax on your earnings, this is your responsibility to declare, not Ticket Tailor's

  • By referring users to Ticket Tailor, you are not working for Ticket Tailor and should not lead people to believe you are

What is PartnerStack?

PartnerStack is the platform we use to run the Ticket Tailor Referral Program. You can use PartnerStack to track your referrals, when they sign up, and when they start paying fees.

Once you've earnt your first $5 of referrals you will be invited to create a PartnerStack account.

If you have specific questions regarding the referral program then please email or contact support via chat.

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