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Activate LinkedIn Community Builder on your event
Activate LinkedIn Community Builder on your event

This integration allows you to create, build and engage with your event attendees on LinkedIn.

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Note: This integration will not work if you have enabled the custom domains feature.

Creating an engaged and connected audience is the holy grail of any event creator. It increases loyalty, word of mouth and keeps your brand relevant all year round.

What are the benefits of this integration?

Integrating your event with the LinkedIn Community Builder gives your attendees the opportunity to join your LinkedIn Event - directly in your Ticket Tailor checkout flow. After registration, a LinkedIn module will invite your ticket buyer to add themselves to the community you are building on LinkedIn.

Once they have joined they'll be able to see who else is attending, join discussions and get networking - before they've even participated in the event. They'll be able to see the value in buying a ticket from the word 'Go'!

How to get LinkedIn Community builder live?

  1. Create your event on Ticket Tailor.

  2. Create the same event on LinkedIn. More information here.

  3. Back on Ticket Tailor, head to 'Connected Apps' under 'Box office settings' and 'Configure' the 'LinkedIn Community Builder'.

  4. This will 'Enable' the feature and means you're ready to update your 'Event settings'.

  5. Head to 'Edit event and tickets' for the event that you want the LinkedIn Community Builder to appear on.

  6. Scroll down to 'Advanced settings' and copy and paste your LinkedIn Event URL into the 'LinkedIn Event ID' field. This completes the integration and enables the Call-to-action on your event registration flow.

  7. By going through the registration flow, you can test how the Call-to-Action directs attendees to your LinkedIn Event.

  8. Once you are happy it's all working 'Publish' your event and start building your online community!

See the integration in action

Purchase a free ticket for this demo event and see how the LinkedIn integration seamlessly creates an online community for the event using the corresponding LinkedIn Event.

How to get the most out of your LinkedIn community?

Our friends at LinkedIn have provided some helpful guidelines on how to best Setup, Build and Activate your community:


Where would the 'Community Builder' iFrame be placed in the registration flow?

The iFrame will be surfaced after registration and ticket purchasing are completed.

Will only confirmed attendees be prompted to join my event on LinkedIn?

Yes, only attendees who have completed the registration process will be offered to join the event on LinkedIn.

How can LinkedIn members discover my event on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn members can find your event in many ways: when searching for event keywords, seeing it on their feed, through invitations shared directly with them from other members, or through 'Events Recommended for You' on the Events tab.

How can LinkedIn members, who find my event on LinkedIn, register?

LinkedIn members who find your event on LinkedIn will be directed to register on your main registration link.

How much does it cost to integrate 'Community Builder' for my event?

Event Organisers can integrate this feature free of charge.

How can I encourage my attendees, speakers or exhibitors to promote my event on


Please refer to the Event Organizer Checklist (p.8-9) on how to build and activate your event community on LinkedIn.

If I have a private event, is 'Community Builder' for me?

‘’Community Builder’’ is most effective for events that are open to the wider public.

Is 'Community Builder' for both virtual and in-person events?

Yes, ‘’Community Builder’’ works for any event format.

Is 'Community Builder' suitable only for events aimed at a professional audience?

’Community Builder' helps event organizers and attendees build connections and increase visibility on LinkedIn, which has over 850 million professional members. Events with a professional audience are most likely to create an engaged audience on LinkedIn.

Can I let my attendees know that I am using this LinkedIn feature?

Yes, you can announce the partnership with LinkedIn via social media/

newsletter/email distribution/on your website (please refer to LinkedIn brand guidelines): ‘’We have partnered with LinkedIn to help you find relevant business contacts within the professional profiles of thousands of visitors and contact them directly’’.

How can I deactivate 'Community Builder'?

Head back to 'Connected App' and "Disable' the 'LinkedIn Community Builder' module.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

Same as always, either live chat on your Ticket Tailor dashboard or No need to contact LinkedIn directly.

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