How to accept Venmo payments

Enable Venmo via PayPal for US PayPal accounts

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PayPal allows you to accept a variety of payment methods to help you sell more tickets, by giving customers more payment options. If you have a US-based PayPal account, you can accept Venmo payments.

💡 PayPal offers Venmo to US accounts, at no additional cost. What are PayPal fees?

How to enable Venmo in Ticket Tailor

  • Go to 'Box office settings', then 'Payment systems'.

  • Under 'Online payments' you should see your linked PayPal account. Click on the three-dot menu to open PayPal settings.

  • Tick the box that says 'Venmo' and click 'Save'.

That's it! PayPal is now set up to accept payments via Venmo!

💡 If you're eligible to accept Venmo payments, this will be automatically enabled when you connect PayPal to Ticket Tailor.

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