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Why is the ‘total paid’ in my order export different to the revenue in my ‘Overview’?
Why is the ‘total paid’ in my order export different to the revenue in my ‘Overview’?

Revenue is the total ‘order value’ of all completed orders. This is different from the ‘total paid’ as it includes any transferred orders.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to calculate the revenue from your order report.

1. By default, the order export only contains the ‘total paid’. To get the ‘order value’ in your order exports you need to select the option manually by checking the box from the available order details.

Screenshot of 'Export orders' module

2. Once this is done and your report is exported, you will see that the ‘order value’ column has been added next to the ‘total paid’ column.

Screenshot of 'order value' module

3. If a ticket has been transferred, you will find that the ‘total paid’ will be 0, whereas the ‘order value’ will show the price of the order. In the column marked ‘Payment method’, it will read ‘Transfer’ instead of ‘Stripe’.

Screenshot of 'Transfer' module

4. To calculate the total revenue, which is also shown in the ‘Overview’ section of your dashboard, you will take the sum total of ‘order value’, and deduct the sum of ‘order value’ for the cancelled orders. You can filter the report to find the cancelled orders in the ‘order cancelled’ column.

Screenshot of 'Order cancelled' module

The revenue you've now calculated will match the revenue displayed in the ‘Overview’ section.

💡 Make sure you filter your dashboard analytics to match the time period in your report.

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