Overview Analytics

Screenshot of the Ticket Tailor Analytics module

You can find your Analytics in the ‘Overview’ section of your dashboard.

The revenue on your ‘Overview’ is the total gross amount of money you have taken for sales of tickets and add-ons across all your events in your box office. This includes any tax or booking fees you have added to the ticket price when setting up your ticket types.

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No fees have not been deducted at this stage.

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Event summary Analytics

Screenshot of Ticket Tailor 'Event summary' module

To find your Event summary analytics, find your event in the 'Events' section of your dashboard. Then click ‘Event summary’ in the left-hand menu.

Ticket sales revenue listed here is the gross revenue taken for that chosen event.

Again, this number is inclusive of any tax or booking fees you have added to the ticket types but has not yet taken away any fees you owe.

What happens if I refund a ticket?

Cancelling a ticket will automatically deduct the total order amount from the revenue shown on your dashboard, regardless of whether you’re issuing a refund or not.

Cancelling a ticket, and issuing a ‘refund via voucher’ for your future events will also subtract the order amount from the revenue at first, however, it will reconcile correctly once the voucher is spent.

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What if I simply void a ticket?

Voiding a ticket does not change the revenue amount.

What about donations?

Any donations made will be added to the total revenue.

What if I transfer an order?

The original order is cancelled and deducted from the revenue in the ‘Overview’ section.

The order value of the transferred order can still be tracked in your Overview order report.

By default, the order report only contains the ‘total paid’. To get the ‘order value’ in your order report, you need to select the option manually by checking the box from the available Overview details.

Screenshot of Ticket Tailor 'Overview report' module

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